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Day Care Centers

University Kitas

The university provides five Kitas  for the children of employees and PhD students at various university locations. 

In order to get to the website of each Kita, click on the following buttons blumen symbol murmel symbol  wichtel symbol zauber symbol wolkengarten_wolke

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Kitas’ directors directly. Please note that the Uni-Kitas usually have long waiting lists and might not be available if you need a slot at short notice. It is therefore necessary to consider the other Kitas in Freiburg as well. Below you will find advice on how to proceed.

Kitas in Freiburg

Aside from the Kitas operated by the university, there is a wide range of Kitas in Freiburg operated by different organisations, which offer different pedagogical approaches, different operating hours and differences in terms of the ages of children who are admitted. 

A list for children under three years of age and one with Kitas for children above three years of age is provided on the web site of the city of Freiburg. Those lists give a good overview of the range of options in Freiburg.

As both lists are available in German only, we translated some of the terms in order to guide you through the information given in both lists.

Please find our translation of the terms in the list with Kitas for children under three years of age here.

Please find our translation of the terms in the list with Kitas for children above three years of age here.

Searching for available slots

The city of Freiburg provides a database called Kindertagesstätten-Verzeichnis. In this data base, parents can search for Kitas based on different search terms, such as city district, type of daycare center or day care provider. 

Also in this database, parents can look specifically which Kita currently has free slots to offer.

The Kindertagesstätten-Verzeichnis is available only in German. We translated its terms in order to help you navigate the database. Please find our translation here.

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