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Elementary School

The responsible elementary school (1st - 4th Grade) for accepting your child is the one located in the district in which your residence is located. Public elementary schools are free of charge. Please contact the secretarial office of the elementary school for your district as soon as possible to discuss your child’s enrollment. 

You can find an overview of all public and private elementary schools in Freiburg. On the right side of this webpage you can call up an online map of the elementary school districts in Freiburg.
Since it is currently difficult to find an apartment in Freiburg but attendance in a public elementary school depends on your place of residence, you might want to consider enrolling your child in a private elementary school as private schools take children from the entire metropolitan area. You can find a list of all private elementary schools here.

Child Care provided by Elementary Schools in the Afternoons

As a rule, school ends for elementary school children during the noon hour between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. Most elementary schools offer afternoon childcare following instruction. The schools decide for themselves based on need what scope of child-care services they will provide. You can get information about the actual options for childcare from the secretarial office in each school. You can register your child for afternoon childcare at the same time you register your child for school. Please find out what documents you will need to present for registration and what registration deadlines apply. A monthly parental contribution will be collected and the amount will be determined by the scope of childcare provided.  

Find out early if your child’s elementary school offers the childcare hours you need by checking the homepage or asking the school administration. If the school cannot provide you with the needed childcare, you have the option of requesting a transfer to an elementary school of another district which offers the childcare you need.

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