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Parental and Meal Contributions in the Uni Daycare Centres

As of January 2021, the following parental contributions apply:



regular contribution  reduced contribution
children 0-3 years  
Wichtelgarten  morning spot
first child201 151 
second child12091 
third and each further child 9171
Murmelgarten morning spot with extended opening hours 
first child272 205 
second child163123
third and each further child123 95
Blütengarten, Murmelgarten, Wichtelgarten, Zaubergarten, Wolkengarten full-day spot  
first child377 283 
second child227 170 
third and each further child170133 
children  3-6 years of age  
Zaubergarten  full-day spot
first child218 164 
second child131 98 
third and each further child98 76 



Lunch costs in the daycare centers are as follows:

  • Uni-Kitas Blütengarten, Murmelgarten, Wichtelgarten and Zaubergarten: 95 Euro per month
  • Kita Wolkengarten: 104 Euro per month


Under certain circumstances, parents may receive a grant from their municipality to cover care costs. In Freiburg, the Office for Children, Youth and Family Affairs is responsible for this. If you live outside of Freiburg, applications can be made with the respective municipal administration. You can find further information on applying for grants in Freiburg here.

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