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Parental and Meal Contributions in the Uni Daycare Centres

As of September 2023, the following parental contributions apply:




regular contribution  



reduced contribution 2



reduced contribution 1


children 0-3 years  
Wichtelgarten  morning spot
first child 235 210 168
second child140125101
third and each further child1069579
Murmelgarten morning spot with extended opening hours 
first child318284228
second child191170137
third and each further child144128106
Blütengarten, Murmelgarten, Wichtelgarten, Zaubergarten, Wolkengarten full-day spot  
first child441393 315
second child265237 189
third and each further child199177 148
children  3-6 years of age  
Zaubergarten  full-day spot
first child255227183
second child153137109
third and each further child115102 85



Lunch costs in the daycare centers are as follows:

  • Uni-Kitas Blütengarten, Murmelgarten, Wichtelgarten and Zaubergarten: 95 Euro per month
  • Kita Wolkengarten: 104 Euro per month


Application for a reduced sibling fee

An application for a sibling reduction can be made for siblings.  The application form describes under which conditions a sibling discount is possible.

 Application for reduced parental contribution at the university daycare centers


The classification into the regular or reduced fee depends on the monthly net family income and the number of children in the family.
To apply for a reduced parental contribution, please complete the application form in full and submit it to us at the Familyservice by e-mail ( or by mail. All proof of calculation of net family income must be submitted only upon request and must be retained for five years after the conclusion of the year. 
If no application is submitted or the family income is not declared, the regular contribution will be calculated. 
In principle, the reduced contribution can only be charged from the month in which the complete application is submitted to the Familyservice. 
We would like to point out that only fully completed and signed applications will be processed.

Application for the assumption of contributions

For parents with low and medium incomes, it may be possible for the costs to be covered in part or in full.
An application for the costs to be covered must be submitted to the Office for Children, Youth and Family.
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