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Eating together

Eating meals together is important to us. We therefore have morning and afternoon snacks and lunch together. The children sit at small tables and are supported by us in eating independently and are encouraged to have aesthetic table manners. During meals, we emphasize a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

vesperzeitEating together not only satisfies the child, but also promotes the practice of social skills and gives the children the opportunity to experience togetherness. We accompany each meal with rituals such as a recurring table saying. Meals are also a daily training ground for children's independence and fine motor skills.

Regional organic ingredients

A balanced diet is an essential part of promoting and maintaining children's health and well-being. We provide children with a healthy, balanced and organic whole food diet that is appropriate for children. The daycare centers Blüten-, Murmel- and Wichtelgarten receive their lunch from an organic catering company that processes regional organic products. At Zaubergarten, the cook prepares a vegetarian lunch every day using mainly regional, organic ingredients. In all daycare centers, water and tea are served at every meal.
From the age of 1, the children eat the meals of the daycare center. If the children are younger than 1 year, we ask the parents to bring a meal, e.g. porridge or milk, to the daycare center. Breakfast and snack - preferably sugar-free - are brought from home for all children.

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Trying out new food

We take the children's different dietary needs seriously. New, unfamiliar food can be unsettling and is sometimes perceived as strange. Therefore, we do not force the children to eat food they do not like. Instead, it is important for us to offer the children new food again and again and to encourage them to try them. Often, children have to try foods several times before they like them.
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