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Development of Family Friendliness


2021 Establishment of flexible childcare
2017 Opening of the parent-child room in the Centre of Neuroscience
2016 Opening of the parent-child room in the university library
2015 Statement on joining the Germany-wide network “Best-Practice Club Familie in der Hochschule”
2014 Foundation of the advisory committee to Familienservice gGmbH
2013 Opening of the Uni Daycare Murmelgarten   murmel symbol
2012 Opening of the Wolkengarten Daycare   wolkengarten_wolke
2011 Foundation of Familienservice gGmbH   logo-4c
2010 Opening of the first parent room
  Service agreement on telework
  Opening of the Family Service staff office
2009 First autumn holiday child care programme
2008 First Easter holiday child care programme
 First changing table
2007First Whit holiday child care programme
  Pilot phase for the introduction of telework 
  Opening of the “Uni-Zwerge” nursing centre (today: Uni Daycare Wichtelgarten)   wichtel symbol
  Opening of the Biolino nursing centre (today: Uni Daycare Blütengarten)  blumen symbol
2004  Job ticket
  First MiKi Day miki_icon
2001 First summer holiday child care programme  sommer_icon
1996 Opening of the first uni daycare centre (today: Uni Daycare Zaubergarten)   zauber symbol


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