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Leisure Activities for Kids and Youth in Freiburg



Here you will find information about things you can experience in Freiburg. Public swimming pools, kids clubs, sports and other clubs – Freiburg has a lot to offer. Also, if you are looking for fun things to do during school holidays, we provide a few links that will help you to find courses and activities in Freiburg.


Kids‘ And Youth Clubs

In every neighborhood in Freiburg, you will find a kids‘ and youth club that is open to all children and teenagers without previous registration. 

The clubs offer rooms and materials for various leisure activities, ranging from sports, handicrafts, music, art to technical experimenting or just playing inside or outside.

Freiburg Map for Kids (Freiburger Kinderstadtplan)

The Kinderstadtplan (map of Freiburg for kids) will help you to get familiar with the city. You can explore secret places and discover insider tipps.

Tram Schedule for Kids (VAG-Kinderfahrplan)

There is a train schedule of the trams and buses in Freiburg that is especially designed for kids. It shows you many of the interesting spots in Freiburg and how to get there by bus or train. Click here to get to the Kinderfahrplan.

Public Indoor and Outdoor Pools in Freiburg

For information about swimming classes for kids and youth as well as the locations and opening hours of the pools in Freiburg, please visit the following website.

Sports Clubs

On this webpage of the Sportportal Freiburg, you can search for the right type of sport for you. If you click on the drop-down menu „Sportart“ you can choose from a number of offers from Aerobic to Zumba. If you click on the drop down-menu „Zielgruppe“ you can choose according to your age and if you click on the drop down-menu „Stadtteil“, you can search according tot he neighborhood or part of town that is convenient for you.

Freiburg Zoo Mundenhof - educational project "KonTiKi"

Join the nature educational project „KonTiKi“ (Kontakt-Tier-Kind = contact-animal-child) and experience animals in a natural environment. Most of the animals are typical farm animals like black forest horses, cows, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats ducks and chicken. Click here for further info.

Eco Station (Ökostation)

At the Ökostation (=eco-station) you can marvel at a lot of things: the natural house, the frog pont, a herbal garden, beds, houses made of grass and much more. The Ökostation also offers courses for gardening and natural protection, excursions, environmental theater as well as summercamps during the holidays. Please visit the following website for more information.

Culture for Children

Whether you are interested in cinema or theater for children or the Freiburg Planetarium – on the following website, offered by the city of Freiburg, you will find many interesting ideas on how to have a fun time in Freiburg.

Courses and Projects offered by the Jugendbildungswerk Freiburg

The Jugendbildungswerk Freiburg offers courses and projects in various fields and for various age groups. On the top of the page, click on „Angebote“ and choose between sports, circus, art, media, music, nature and dance courses. 

Music Schools

The Freiburger Musikverzeichnis, provided by the city of Freiburg, is a guide through the musical opportunities in Freiburg. In the right column, where it says „Musikbranche“, click e.g. on „Musikschulen“ and „Private Musikschulen“ to get an overview of the music schools that offer courses for children for various instruments.

Activities during School Holidays 

If you are looking for institutions that provide holiday offers for kids and youth, please have a look at the following list, provided by the city of Freiburg.

Summer Holiday Pass (Freiburger Ferienpass)

The Freiburger Ferienpass is provided every year to all kids and youth from the age of 6 to 17 during the summer holidays. It offers you an attractive and diversified opportunity to have fun during your summer holidays. For example, you can join excursions, handicraft classes, sports events or sightseeing tours.

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